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National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems and the National Communications Effort

Published May 1, 2016, Grassroots Solutions and Berlin Rosen

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The National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems capitalized on momentum to spread juvenile justice reform beyond Models for Change Core States and made an impact in a total of 37 states. It assessed opportunities for achieving sustainable legislative and policy changes. State-based advocates and officials in target states were offered strategic communications, policy analysis, and government affairs resources to advance bipartisan reform agendas.

From 2011 through 2017, the National Campaign supported local reform initiatives in 37 states. Reformers earned at least some successes in 30 target states – or 81% of the total – enacting at least 151 juvenile justice reforms through legislation and court rules. The Campaign also helped local allies block or defeat numerous regressive measures.

National Campaign successes included measures to ensure that young people are processed in juvenile court rather than criminal court, increased use of diversion and community-based programs in lieu of incarceration, improvements in conditions of confinement, increased access to counsel, and policies that prevent school behavior from leading to justice involvement.

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