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Publication cover Innovation Brief: Using Community Truancy Boards to Tackle Truancy
Dec 12, 2013, Bonnie Bush, Juvenile Court Administrator, Spokane County Juvenile Court
In 2007, after a coalition of community stakeholders expressed concern with the high dropout rates and high occurrence of truancy in their Eastern Washington community, the Spokane County Juvenile…
Publication cover From Courts to Communities: The Right Response to Truancy, Running Away, and Other Status Offenses
Dec 9, 2013, Annie Salsich, Jennifer Trone at Vera Institute of Justice
Young people who run away from home, skip school, or engage in other risky behaviors that are only prohibited because of their age end up in courtrooms every year by the thousands. Responding to…
Publication cover Model Tribal Juvenile Codes
Jul 31, 2013, Matthew Ficcagblia, Professor Ron J. Whitener
The Model Tribal Youth Codes reflect a core commitment to providing tribes with juvenile statutes assuring the fundamental rights of children and their parents, guardians and custodians, and allowing…
Publication cover A Pilot Phase Analysis of King County, Washington’s PathNet Program Years 1 and 2 combined
Mar 31, 2013, The Vera Institute of Justice
PathNet was created to address the high rates of dropout youth in King County with involvement in the juvenile justice system. PathNet uses a path of networked organizations within the community to…
Publication cover Clark County Truancy Manual
Mar 1, 2013, Jodi Martin
The Clark County Truancy Manual is intended to provide a single source of information for individuals involved in the truancy court process, including school officials, Juvenile Court staff, Clark…
Publication cover Evaluation of Responses to Truancy in Clark County, Washington: Background Factors and Outcomes
Jan 31, 2013, Clayton Mosher, Department of Sociology, Washington State University Vancouver With Jodi Martin, Clark County Juvenile Court, and Karyl Ramsey
Clark County’s multi-layered approach to addressing truancy is highlighted in this report. The Clark County Truancy Project, a collaborative effort between the school districts, juvenile…
Publication cover Measurable Progress: A Summary of Illinois Juvenile Justice Reforms
Oct 1, 2012, Various
This report summarizes some of the key changes in juvenile justice law, policy and practice that have taken place in Illinois during the period 2005 – 2012. These changes have accelerated over…
Publication cover Updated Literature Review on Truancy
Jun 30, 2011, Tonisha Jones, PhD; Nicholas Lovrich, PhD
A literature review on key concepts, history and research relating to truancy, with a particular focus on Washington State.
Publication cover Truancy Literature Review
Jun 30, 2011, Tonisha Jones
A general overview of the topic of truancy behavior, educational status of ethnic/racial minorities, ethnic/racial minorities barriers to educational attainment achievement and recommendations to…
Publication cover West Valley School District (Spokane, WA) Community Truancy Board Evaluation
Jan 31, 2011, Washington State University, Division of Governmental Studies and Services
This report describes the implementation and effectiveness of The West Valley Community Truancy Boards (WVCTB) which are designed to engage truant youth and their families in a restorative-justice…
Publication cover Clark County Truancy Program: Mental Health Screening Protocols - Administering MAYSI 2
Nov 11, 2009, Jodi Martin
Protocol incorporating MAYSI-2 screening into the Clark County Truancy Program intake procedure.
Publication cover Truancy and Hispanic Focused Evidence-Based Programs
Nov 1, 2009, Eric Trupin, Sarah Walker:
A list of trauncy and Hispanic-focused EBPs, categorized by: OJJDP Rating, Model, type of evaluation, location, demographics, truancy findings, other findings, training requirements/costs and…
Publication cover Benton/Franklin Counties School Truancy Survey Instrument
Nov 1, 2009, Nick Lovrich
For collecting information on how state truancy laws have been implemented at the school building level. Updated as of March 20, 2013
Publication cover Survey of Spokane County Schools on Truancy Issues – Final Results
Aug 1, 2009, Kevin Wright
To obtain a comprehensive understanding of school building implementation of the state truancy laws.
Publication cover Benton Franklin Counties Existing Truancy Data Analysis and Case Tracking
Jun 30, 2009, Nick Lovrich
To inform Benton/Franklin Counties Models for Change when developing system reforms targeting truant youth, with an emphasis on Hispanic/Latino youth. Document also contains the coding instrument…
Publication cover Benton Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Personnel Truancy Survey Report
Jun 30, 2009, Nick Lovrich
Report on juvenile court staff perceptions of truancy practices and resources in Benton/Franklin Counties. Updated as of March 20, 2013
Publication cover Benton-Franklin Truancy Case Study Coding Instrument
Jun 30, 2009, Nick Lovrich
Coding instrument used when conducting a comprehensive analysis of 30 traunt youth, 10 each from the following categories: cases resolved without court intervention; cases resolved with court…
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