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Reports, research summaries, issue briefs, working documents and other materials related to system change efforts, and produced by Models for Change grantees and partners. 


Publication cover Failed Policies, Forfeited Futures: A Nationwide Scorecard on Juvenile Records

Nov 13, 2014, Riya Saha Shah

Failed Policies, Forfeited Futures: A Nationwide Scorecard on Juvenile Records, is the first-ever comprehensive evaluation of state policies that govern the confidentiality and expungement of…
Publication cover Juvenile Records: A National Review of State Laws on Confidentiality, Sealing and Expungement

Nov 13, 2014, Riya Saha Shah

Public access to records of juvenile arrests, court proceedings and dispositions can impede successful transitions to adulthood for many youth, especially when these records remain available long…
Publication cover JJGPS State Scan: Systems Integration-Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

Oct 21, 2014, National Center for Juvenile Justice

The way states organize the administration of child welfare and juvenile justice varies widely across the country and may influence a state’s ability to coordinate services between the two…
Publication cover Keeping Kids Out of Court: Rethinking Our Response to Status Offenses

Oct 8, 2014, Status Offense Reform Center

Status offenses are behaviors that are problematic but non-criminal in nature —such as running away from home, skipping school, or violating curfew—which are prohibited under the law only…
Publication cover National League of Cities: Information Sharing to Support Juvenile Justice Reform

Oct 7, 2014, Laura Furr

Cities are joining and strengthening a national juvenile justice reform movement. Sharing information and aligning policy decisions among city agencies and with county and state juvenile justice…
Publication cover State Trends 2013-2014 Legislative Session

Sep 12, 2014, Campaign for Youth Justice

The report takes a look at states that have, and are taking steps to remove children from the adult criminal justice system. State Trends documents the continuation of four trends in justice reform…

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