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Publication cover Broward County Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline
Dec 1, 2013, Fort Lauderdale-Broward NAACP; Broward County Florida Public Schools; Advancement Project
Publication cover Intergovernmental Agreement between Denver Public Schools and Denver Police Department
Dec 1, 2013, Denver Colorado Public Schools; Denver Police Department
Publication cover Police in Schools are Not the Answer to the Newtown Shooting
Dec 1, 2013, Advancement Project; NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.; The Alliance for Educational Justice; Dignity in Schools Campaign
Publication cover Connecticut's Comprehensive Approach to Reducing In-School Arrests: Changes in Statewide Policy, Systems Coordination and School Practices
Dec 1, 2013, Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut
Publication cover Improving Outcomes for Children in Schools
Dec 1, 2013, Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Partnering with Schools to Reduce Juvenile Justice Referrals
Nov 30, 2012, Jason Szanyi, Center for Children’s Law and Policy
In Peoria, Illinois, a large number of African-American youth were entering detention for aggravated battery in one public high school. After learning more about the problem, local juvenile justice…
Publication cover School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
May 5, 2012, Barry L. McCurdy
This presentation, from the DMC Action Network's 2009 annual meeting, focused on positive behavior support in schools.
Publication cover Responder Program Development Manual (Summit County, Ohio)
May 6, 2011, Judge Linda Tucci Teodosi, William P. Kannel
This Responder Program Manual was developed out of the work that Ohio has been undertaking as part of their work in the Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network. It is meant to serve as a guide…
Publication cover School-Based Diversion: Strategic Innovations from the Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network
Apr 1, 2011, National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice
This report provides a detailed update and summary on the work of the MH/JJ Action Network's School-Based Diversion Strategic Innovation Group. The four participating states (Connecticut, Illinois,…
Publication cover Connecticut School Based Diversion Initiative Manual
May 29, 2009, Vicki Spriggs
This manual summarizes the major activities of the Connecticut School-Based Diversion Initiative (SBDI) and is intended to aid communities in developing their own school-based diversion programs with…
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