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Innovation Brief 2014

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Publication cover Innovation Brief: Implementing Evidence-based Practices in a Louisiana Juvenile Drug Court
Dec 8, 2014, LSUHSC Institute for Public Health and Justice
Operating since 2005, the 4th Judicial District’s juvenile drug court made a decision in 2009 to modify their screening, assessment, and treatment offerings based on newly emerging practice…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Indicators of Success: Developing System and Youth Outcome Measures for Juvenile Justice Agencies
Dec 8, 2014, LSUHSC Institute for Public Health and Justice
Knowledge of the effectiveness of the Louisiana Models for Change reform efforts has, in large part, been attributable to the implementation of local data driven programs that monitor and track the…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Using Evidence-Based Intervention with Youth Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses
Dec 8, 2014, Illinois Models for Change Invitative
Despite a growing body of research challenging traditional assumptions about youth who sexually offend, few jurisdictions have made a systematic effort to use this research to re-engineer the way in…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Mental Health Screening as a Valuable Tool for Truancy Intervention
Dec 8, 2014, Center for Children & Youth Justice
The Clark County Truancy Project (CCTP) was designed to effectively respond to truancy while reducing the need for formal court intervention. Research indicates that one of the most prevalent issues…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Improving Behavorial Health and Community Support in Evening Reporting Centers
Dec 8, 2014, Illinois Models for Change Invitative
In Cook County, Illinois, the juvenile court has implemented a strong continuum of alternatives to detention. Evening Reporting Centers, or ERCs, are a key component in this continuum. As an…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Effective Tools for Local/State Probation Officers
Dec 8, 2014, LSUHSC Institute for Public Health and Justice
Since the creation of probation services involving youth offenders, juvenile probation has evolved with a fluctuating history involving both rehabilitation and enforcement roles. Even today, juvenile…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Special Counsel: Enhancing Juvenile Indigent Defense in Washington State
Dec 8, 2014, Center for Children & Youth Justice
When addressing the issue of indigent defense for juvenile respondents in Washington State, an initial reaction was that the cost for needed improvements would be formidable. Reducing caseloads and…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Bridging the Divide: Enhancing Collaboration between the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems to Respong to the Needs of Dually Involved Youth
Dec 6, 2014, Center for Children’s Law and Policy
In DuPage County, Illinois, youth who have concurrent involvement with both the delinquency and child welfare systems comprise only a small percentage of youth in the juvenile justice system.…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: PathNet: An Innovative School Reengagement System
Dec 4, 2014, Center for Children & Youth Justice
Juvenile justice-involved youth are overrepresented in the nation’s high school dropout statistics. These youth are often credit deficient, reading below grade level and in need of supplemental…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: A Collaborative Approach to Truancy Reform
Dec 4, 2014, Center for Children & Youth Justice
High school dropout rates in Benton and Franklin Counties in Washington State are significantly higher than the national average. Truancy is a clear predictor of high school dropout. The…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Schools Turn to Treatment, Not Punishment, for Children with Mental Health Needs
Dec 12, 2013, Giudi Weiss, Kathleen Skowyra
In 2008, the new Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network selected “early diversion” as its first area of focus. Its goal was to create opportunities for youth with mental health…
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