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Research and tools related to the kind of post-release supervision, services and supports that young people need to make safe and successful transitions out of residential placement facilities and back to their home communities.


Publication cover Educational Aftercare & Reintegration Toolkit for Juvenile Justice Professionals, 2nd ed.
Jun 30, 2009, Jennifer Lowman
Youth who are adjudicated delinquent frequently encounter problems in obtaining appropriate education services in placement, as well as when they are released and reintegrated into their…
Publication cover Building Pennsylvania’s Comprehensive Aftercare Model: Probation Case Management Essentials for Youth in Placement
Mar 31, 2008, Patricia M. Torbet
Describes the development of a structured and thoughtful approach for implementing the probation-related goals of Pennsylvania's Joint Policy Statement on Aftercare, resulting in a model for…
Publication cover Joint Policy Statement on Aftercare: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Dec 31, 2004, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Joint statement by stakeholders in the Pennsylvania juvenile justice system to collaborate efforts to support counties in developing a comprehensive aftercare system by 2010.
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Learn to Earn: PACTT Helps Delinquent Youths Gain Academic and Job Skills
Nov 30, 2012, Candace Putter
In a time of high unemployment, the lack of attention to education and career training for delinquent youths has aggravated the considerable barriers to employment they face upon release from…
Publication cover Pennsylvania and MacArthur's Models for Change: The Story of a Successful Public-Private Partnership
May 3, 2013, Robert G. Schwartz
At the heart of the Models for Change story in Pennsylvania is the partnership between the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee…
Publication cover Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy
Apr 2, 2012, Juvenile Court Judges Commission
The goals of Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) align with those of Balanced and Restorative Justice. JJSES seeks to reduce harm by applying the best-known…
Publication cover Pennsylvania Progress: Preparing Youth for Productive Futures
Jan 18, 2008, Patrick Griffin and Mary Humninen
This issue of Pennsylvania Progress focuses on efforts to ensure that delinquent youth are educated, trained and connected with school and work opportunities. Pennsylvania Progress: A Juvenile…

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Publication cover Building Brighter Futures: Tools for Improving Academic and Career/Technical Education in the Juvenile Justice System
Apr 30, 2015, Juvenile Law Center
Across the country, students in the juvenile justice system are struggling in school. Research suggests that many enter the juvenile justice system well behind grade-level. In the absence of…
Publication cover 2014 Issue Brief: Aftercare Services are Key to Positive Community Adjustment
Dec 8, 2014, Models for Change Resource Center Partnership
SUMMARY For young offenders who, for public safety reasons, cannot remain in the community, placement is still more than mere punishment. It is also an opportunity to provide services that address…
Publication cover Recommendations to Improve Correctional and Reentry Education for Young People
Jul 30, 2014, Juvenile Law Center
On November 19, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education (DoEd) hosted a Summit on Education in Correctional Facilities to address correctional and reentry education for youth and adults. The goal was…
Publication cover Pennsylvania Progress: Aftercare Reality and Reform
Jan 23, 2007, Patrick Griffin, National Center for Juvenile Justice; Richard Steele, Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission; and Kelly Franklin, PA Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers
This issue of Pennsylvania Progress focuses on aftercare successes and areas for improvement. Pennsylvania Progress: A Juvenile Justice Research, Practice and Policy Series is a publication of the…
Publication cover Education Aftercare & Reintegration Toolkit for Juvenile Professionals
Sep 30, 2006, Shari A. Mamas, Esq., Education Law Center
Provides information and resources needed to help juvenile probation officers (JPOs) and other juvenile justice professionals obtain appropriate education and special education services for youth in…
Publication cover Summary of Aftercare Practices in Pennsylvania
May 2, 2006, Richard D. Steele, Aftercare Specialist, Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research Juvenile Court Judges' Commission; Kelly Franklin, Aftercare Specialist, Pennsylvania Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers
Provides brief overview of current county level aftercare practices in Pennsylvania, developed from information gathered during site visits to each of the state's 67 county juvenile probation…
Publication cover Keystones for Reform: Promising Juvenile Justice Policies and Practices in Pennsylvania
Oct 12, 2005, Youth Law Center, Neelum Aryna, Eric Lotke, Liz Ryan, Marc Schindler, Dana Shoenberg, Mark Soler
The first state report for the Models for Change initiative, this report describes promising juvenile justice policies and practices in Pennsylvania that provide a solid base for further reform…
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