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Building Brighter Futures: Tools for Improving Academic and Career/Technical Education in the Juvenile Justice System

Published Apr 30, 2015, Juvenile Law Center

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Across the country, students in the juvenile justice system are struggling in school. Research suggests that many enter the juvenile justice system well behind grade-level. In the absence of thoughtful programming, once they enter the juvenile justice system, they may fall further behind. Too many end up dropping out of school upon return to their communities.

This publication examines one particular initiative that has shown great success in combating this problem—the Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training Alliance (PACTT)—and provides suggestions for replication in juvenile justice programming across the country. It also sets forth ideas for collecting data to measure the success of initiatives like PACTT and embedding in policy the general reform principles PACTT identified.

In this Toolkit, Juvenile Law Center highlights some of the principles and approaches PACTT has used, and identifies approaches that could be replicated and codified in policies in other jurisdictions.

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