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JJGPS State Scan: Statewide Risk Assessment in Juvenile Probation

Published May 1, 2014, NCJJ

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This publication is part of a new series of publications intended to support NCJJ’s Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy, Practice and Statistics website (JJGPS.ORG) development effort. This StateScan publication, for the first time, addresses the prevalence of risk assessment tools in juvenile probation across the country.   

NCJJ surveyed state-level juvenile justice contacts in each state about the use of any risk assessment tools, how the use of the tool was encourgaed or required, and how the information gathered in the assesment is used.  This publication creates three categories: Statewide Uniform Assessment, Layered/Regional Assessment, and Locally Administered, depending on how a state adopts risk assessment tools. This publication highlights how states have responded to the need for evidence based risk assesssment practices in juvenile justice and demonstrates that the use of these practices is widespread and growing. 

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