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JMIS Illinois’ Statewide Detention Data System

Published Dec 8, 2013, Illinois Juvenile Justice Research and Information Consortium Briefing Document

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The Illinois Juvenile Monitoring Information System (JMIS) is a web-based data platform which gathers and disseminates data on the detention of youth in any detention facilities in Illinois. JMIS is a collaborative data system: the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission funded its development with support from the Illinois Department of Human Services; the Center for Prevention Research and Development at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign developed the program and infrastructure; and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts requires counties to report data on every admission of a youth to detention and utilizes JMIS data for state and local analysis and planning. Created initially as a paper-based reporting system, the web-based version of JMIS was implemented statewide in July 2004, and now captures data from the State’s detention centers.

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