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JIDAN (Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network) Journal

Published Dec 21, 2010, Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network


2010 has been an eventful year for the Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network. The eight JIDAN teams have generated an impressive body of work. We've celebrated births (Anne Lee from Washington gave birth to a son) and accolades (Rob Mason of Florida received the 2010 Champion of Change award from the MacArthur Foundation).

We've done a lot of travelling. Team members participated in two SIG meetings, information sharing workshops and the 5th annual MacArthur working meeting where they presented on collateral consequences, competency and colloquies.

Two JIDAN members, Sandra Simkins of NJ and Irene Sullivan from FL published books (When Kids Get Arrested, What Every Adult Should Know and Raised by the Courts, respectively). see the rest of this issue of the JIDAN Journal, CLICK HERE

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