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Forces...Gangs to Riots Vol 1 and 2

Published Jul 4, 2010, Steven D. Valdivia

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Vol 1: Intro By Edward James Olmos and Mike Farrell; New paradigm in understanding and treating community violence, especially gang violence. Examines multiple factors related to violence. Posits that Violence and Peace are outcomes of historical social processes that has to be treated in this modality. Promotes cross-discipline and integrated program networking to target long-term causes and supports of violent behaviors as well as immediate violent outcomes. Establishes multi-step process to peace or violence that once understood, allows structured targeting prior to outcome. Posits new method of understanding gang formation, severity of activites, duration and how to ameliorate. Examines the types of gangs and re-classifies into four primary groups for treatment.

Vol 2: Establishes replicable protocol for data collecting and analysis of community violence; Establishes replicable models for comprehensive program.      

Reform areas: Evidence-based practices

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