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Joint Policy Statement on Mental Health/Juvenile Justice: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Published Aug 31, 2006, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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Joint statement by The Mental Health/Juvenile Justice (MH/JJ) Work Group (comprised of representatives from the juvenile justice, mental health, child welfare, drug and alcohol, and education systems as well as families) that every county will have a comprehensive model system by 2010 that: (1) prevents the unnecessary involvement of youth who are in need of mental health treatment, including those with co-occurring substance abuse disorders, in the juvenile justice system; (2) allows for the early identification of youth in the system with mental health needs and co-occurring disorders; and (3) provides for timely access by identified youth in the system to appropriate treatment within the least restrictive setting that is consistent with public safety needs.

Reform areas: Mental health

States: Pennsylvania

Categories: Mental/behavioral health

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