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Just the Facts: a Snapshot of Incarcerated Hispanic Youth

Published May 3, 2012, Jose D. Saavedra

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated population of Hispanic youth ages 10–17 in 2008 was 6.4 million, making up nearly 19% of all youth within that age group. In contrast to the Black and White youth populations, the Hispanic youth population has continually grown since 2000, currently making up one in seven of approximately 47 million Latinos in the country. While young Latinos are an increasingly significant segment of the U.S. youth population, current juvenile justice statistics indicate that many Latino youth face serious challenges that threaten their future as successful adults and citizens, including disproportionate incarceration rates. In comparison to Whites, Latinos and Blacks make up a larger share of incarcerated youth than the overall population of youth.


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