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Family Involvement in Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System

Published Nov 1, 2009, Wendy Luckenbill & Clay Yeager

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When children are involved with juvenile justice, the involvement of families is critical to a successful
outcome. Yet, family involvement is frequently associated with negative rather than positive perceptions and relationships. Family and system partnership may be difficult, detrimental, or non-existent.

This monograph will serve as the beginning of an important dialogue between all the partners – families, youth, victims and system professionals – as was the case with the development
of the original Pennsylvania Balanced and Restorative Justice Monograph. Its purpose is to identify and develop strategies and models that will support family involvement in the juvenile justice system in effective and measurable ways and that are rooted within balanced and restorative justice practice.
Subsequent efforts will expand upon the myriad of issues this monograph can only start to explore.


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