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Educational Aftercare & Reintegration Toolkit for Juvenile Justice Professionals, 2nd ed.

Published Jun 30, 2009, Jennifer Lowman, Esq. Education Law Center-Pa; Shari Mamas, Esq., (formerly with Education Law Center-Pa, now with the Disability Rights Network of Pa)

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Youth  who are adjudicated delinquent frequently encounter problems in obtaining appropriate education services in placement, as well as when they are released and reintegrated into their communities.  This Toolkit provides the basic information and resources needed to help juvenile probation officers and other juvenile justice professionals in Pennsylvania overcome (or at least minimize) these problems.  While this Toolkit is specifically directed to juvenile probation officers in Pennsylvania, it may also be useful for the youth's attorney or for other juvenile justice professionals to help them plan for and participate in the educational aftercare of their clients.

Reform areas: Aftercare

States: Pennsylvania

Categories: Aftercare

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