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Georgetown University's Center for Juvenile Justice Reform

Added Feb 5, 2009

3300 Whitehaven Street, N.W., Suite 5000
PO Box 571444
Washington, DC 20057-1485

Phone (202) 687-1527

The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform supports leadership development and advances a balanced, multi-systems approach to reducing juvenile crime that both holds youth accountable and promotes positive child and youth development.

As a member of Models for Change, the Center focused on supporting the active participation of prosecutors in the initiative. The Center serves as a national resource in identifying and highlighting research on effective policies and practices that reduce delinquency by working across juvenile justice, child welfare and related systems of care. Through the Center’s Certificate Programs, it offers the opportunity for involvement in promoting juvenile justice reform to individual public agency leaders and teams of those leaders from the juvenile justice and related systems of care.


Supported by

Models for Change was a juvenile justice systems reform initiative supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, website operated by Justice Policy Institute.