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Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps

Added Nov 30, 2010

11 Beacon Street
Suite 820
Boston, MA 02108

Phone (617) 227-4183

Fax (617) 227-2069

The Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps (RFKCAC) was founded in 1969 as a memorial to the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy. RFKCAC is a private non-profit, non-partisan, licensed child welfare agency with approved private schools, foster care and adoption services in addition to residential and community-based programming. Nearly 700 children and families come to its 19 residential and community-based programs each year. RFKCAC is a leader in child welfare and juvenile justice in Massachusetts. Every year, it helps hundreds of children, youths, and their families deal successfully with behavioral and emotional issues. RFKCAC’s innovative and comprehensive programming, which includes residential treatment, educational services, community-based services, and therapeutic support, helps the children it serves to grow into healthy and productive members of their communities. RFKCAC’s long history of services to youths and families has positioned the agency as an advocate not only in Massachusetts but as an advocate nationwide for juvenile justice and child welfare systems. This advocacy is to aspire as Robert F. Kennedy did to achieve a better future for children.

“We recognize also that many young offenders may be redirected toward constructive activities through successful treatment efforts. However, these programs deal with the end results of delinquency – not the sources. We must broaden our attack and focus as much energy in the future on prevention as we have on control and treatment in the past.”

-Robert F. Kennedy, National Committee for Children and Youth Conference on Unemployed, Out-of-School Youth in Urban Areas. Washington, D.C. May 24, 1961.  Page 59. Quoted in Make Gentle the Life of this World, The Vision of Robert F. Kennedy, Edited with an introduction by Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, 1998.


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